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HM Collection SS ’16

Hi minions!

Is good to be back at the game. Here bringing the latest news of fashion in Latin America, and specially my dear Peru. So to begin, chose the last collection of HM.

Picked these outfits for two specific reasons:

The trend of multiple textures and capes give more variety to the looks and make from simple piezes something beautiful and extravagant.

The colors of this collection are great with the warm autumn and our latin skings. Within these three proposals, I thought for the daily looks to be different in a casual friday, where you can go super chic to the office and not go unnoticed in the after office.

This first look is striking and really calls attention, recommended for straight or curved silhouettes, for tall girls (more than 1.75) small sandals or high heels with less than 1 inch. For petite with high-heeled shoes.


Another fact about this outfit is that if they decide to use accessories you can go with metal colors such as gold or champagne tone so that it can mimic with the rest of the colors.

For this second look… was sooo comfort I can say it was my favorite, it is ideal for girls who have a slight paunch, and pants are almost at hip so  the width of the upper garment has a light cutting, can use the coat open, giving you the feeling of a slim silhouette.

camaleonicas-blogger-oficial-762x1024 copy

Pants are also thicker legs are straight cut but wide mouth. However, being white and give visual counterweight to the top, girls with wide hips (triangle) refrain from using this combination, the volume of the bottom at the jacket will create a feeling of curvy hips.

camaleonicas-danny-lizarraga-6-723x1024 copy

Remember the blue is one of the basic colors in recent years and this is a super elegant tone (score and repeat)

camaleonicas-danny-5-683x1024 copy

And this last look, start by stressing the ocher color, while not used in bothcollections and Latin worship here because it gives light to the face, it gives it that glow the skin needs which enhances us. Besides this, here, we dare to play with different textures and volumes, the result is bold.

camaleonicas-danny-4-683x1024 copy

The cut of the jacket elongates the figure, but if you have short legs everything is arranged with high heels, what we must remember that the lines of pants widen the legs. But in this case lightens a little in perspective with the other garments because of the material texture. A visual effect that gives this result, an executive woman of our time 😉

camaleonicas-7--644x1024 copy

Improvised pic … just ’cause …. I like to be back 🙂


My Minion-squad were::

Make up artist: Danny All

Pics: Martín Psialer – fanpage: Psialer Photography

Stylist: Yop xD

¡Lov ya minionlicious!





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